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  • Controlled Environment Agriculture

    Controlled environment agriculture (CEA)/greenhouse production is one of the most exacting and intense forms of all agricultural enterprises.

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  • Precision Agriculture

    The primary aim of precision agriculture is to ensure profitability, efficiency, and sustainability while protecting the environment.

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  • Technology Inside

    Not all technology is designed in a lab some is developed organically to deter pests.

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We are AgSpectra

Nature Inside

Closed Environment Agriculture.
what we offer
AgSpectra partners with growers and communities to provide state of the art growing facilities.

Want to grow in your field?

AgSpectra has expert growers, engineers, materials, and technology for your future.

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Why Choose us
why choose us
With the “Nature Inside” strategy, AgSpectra has set ambitious goals to be the world’s leading closed environment agriculture technology company.

Our systems ensure complete reuse of water, heat, energy, nutrients, and materials.


Our facilities can produce 10 ~ 20 times more product than field grown crops of any type.


Advanced growing technologies means consistently higher quality and quantity


Our environment system creates a perfect balance of Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Nutrients, and Light.


Our facilities operate under industry procedures and guidelines to ensure the best quality product and safety.

24/7 Operations

All our facilties are monitored from local and remote operations centers 24/7 to ensure safety and quality. movado replica